Риз Уизерспун получила неожиданный подарок от Бейонсе

Риз Уизерспун получила неожиданный подарок от Бейонсе

At the ceremony Golden globe 2020 have been many funny and memorable moments, which gave the journalists a huge number of themes for discussion. However, the story of how Reese Witherspoon got water instead of champagne, was surprised and amused almost everyone.

The whole point of the story is very simple. At the ceremony Golden globe 2020 Reese Witherspoon was at the same table with her friend and colleague Jennifer aniston. This was not surprising, as the last major work by the two Actresses was a joint project of the “Morning show”. The ceremony was very exciting, besides the hall was attended by aniston’s ex-husband brad pitt. Unfortunately, the company that was engaged in the organisation of the festival did not calculate with the amount of water on the tables, and drink Jennifer really wanted, so she came to the aid of a friend.

Reese snuck in quietly at the next table, where he sat Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z. A married couple very much missed the event, so their table was almost untouched. But apparently someone also wanted to drink and already ahead of Witherspoon. Water on the table Beyonce was not there, so instead, the singer offered to try the champagne. Jay-Z took with him to the ceremony a couple of bottles of champagne that produces his company, to entertain your colleagues. Reese agreed with pleasure.

When Jennifer tried a glass of the champagne, she was delighted and decided to publish a short video in Instagram in which he thanked Jay Z and Beyonce. The actress said that they have at the table is over the water and her friend Reese, and bravely went in search of drink. Taking a SIP of champagne she thanked his talented colleagues for a tasty beverage, and in gratitude under the video left the link to the official page of beyoncé.

The singer and her husband were touched by such recognition, so I decided to thank Reese. The next morning after the ceremony the door to the Witherspoon knocked the courier who brought the actress a luxury bouquet of flowers and a personal black bag. When Reese opened the gift, I saw a few bottles of champagne and a note from Beyonce and Jay-Z “Even more.” The actress was so excited that I immediately opened one of the bottles and start tasting drink in company with her mother. Incidentally, at that time there were only 5 in the morning.

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