Гвинет Пэлтроу выпустила свечи с шокирующим названием

Гвинет Пэлтроу выпустила свечи с шокирующим названием

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow continues to entertain his fans in an unusual home goods. Recently, the actress released wax candles, which appeared in its online store Goop. Item name brought a shock to users of the network.

Most recently, the catalogue of goods from the well-known actress has added scented candles for the home. The subject is the name, which literally translates as “Smells like my vagina.” As it turned out, the candles smell quite different, as it may seem from their names. The description States that the flavor includes delicate notes of temptation and incredible warmth. In the scented candles are included: damask rose, bergamot, ambergris, geranium and cedar an absolute. The interesting thing is that one candle is fairly expensive — $ 75, translated into Russian money — 4500 rubles. However, this has not stopped the fans before the temptation to smell it in person, all goods were sold out a few hours after it appeared on the website.

The history of the name scented candles really funny. Gwyneth has developed this product with the well-known American perfumer Douglas little. At the time of completion of work, he jokingly said the sentence: “This candle smells like my vagina.” All laughed, and the creators have left the quote for their work. When it came time to name the product, they decided that this marketing ploy will work better than any expensive advertising. As it turned out, they are not wrong.

By the way, this candle is not the most amazing product in the online store of the actress. Last year in the catalog appeared vaginal stones which was supposed to increase sexual energy of women. However, this product fell with great force. The negative reviews were so many that the stones had to be removed from the site. And one customer even filed a lawsuit against the actress for providing false information. The catalog of products from Gwyneth also you can find cosmic journey, fragments of meteorites, a sex toy made of gold and silver. And it’s not the entire range of products from actress.

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