Знаменитости, решившие стать мамой в юном возрасте

They became mothers in a very young age, and each of them gave it to their lessons! Who early pregnancy has saved lives, and how it happened that Whoopi Goldberg became a grandmother when she was 58 years old?
To become a mother at the age of 16 was a good chance for Christina Aguilera! After all, the singer very early on went all the delights of family life and heaven with the blessing of the star’s mother Alla Pugacheva. Aguilera and Presnyakov met when she was only 15 years old and he was 18. She went to school, and he toured the Soviet Union, they met at a concert. Volodya asked Cristina out on a date, and a year later Christine moved to Presnyakov home to live. Alla against such a son-in-law had nothing, saying only that it’s better to be in the house of the people I know and respect rather than on the entrances to roam is not known to anyone! After 3 years, Kristina learned she was pregnant! Son, Nikita, she gave birth to in London, was near and mother, and beloved. Kristina was in seventh heaven, but as long as she has a son, Vladimir of the house her favorite was on the road! There was talk and gossip about that Presnyakov has a mistress – and the rumors were not unfounded! For the sake of the singer Faces the left Presnyakov and Christina Orbakajte. But now these two are in a good relationship, and from this marriage Christina had learned many lessons, and in the new marriage she’s happy and their youngest daughter Claudia gave birth, when the singer was already 40 years old.

Знаменитости, решившие стать мамой в юном возрасте
Today, the TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva glory how to grow her daughter Masha, and how to make their first steps! Masha Kudryavtseva gave birth in 47 years and first pregnancy was Lera 29 years ago. Then the presenter was only 18 years old, her husband became a musician of the mega-popular group “Tender may” Sergey Lenyk. On the road the young man saw a young fan and spun an affair with her. Valerie got pregnant and got scared no joke, it’s not planned to have a family with him, but he refused to let her terminate the pregnancy. Leroux moved from the provinces to Moscow, and married her. The fact that it will then have to survive the enemy does not want! Leroux literally attacked fans of the husband-musician! They were on duty near their house, wrote and phoned, one ahead of the other boasted that he had with Sergey intimate relationship. Through the stress and worries Valerie almost lost the baby, fortunately, nothing happened! Valerie gave birth to a healthy baby boy and named him Jean, in honor of the popular at that time, Hollywood actor Jean Claude van Damme! But to keep this family safe Kudryavtseva failed! And later she found out that her husband has cheating on her, taking of her son she went to Moscow to seek a different destiny! At the moment, Lera has two children, the eldest Jean for 29 years, and youngest daughter Maria is only 2 years. Son made mom young grandmother giving grandson when she was 47 years old.

But few stars have been able to outrun most young grandmothers Whoopi Goldberg! Mother she was 18 years old, and grandmother to 34 and great-grandmother at 58. She always said she didn’t want to have children, but fate decreed otherwise. Marriage and child birth in 18 years, literally saved her from life on the street, she was a difficult teenager, often running away from home, spent the night, where necessary, contacted the wrong company. Was, and drugs and alcohol! And one morning she was awakened by a young man she just slept in the street, it was Alvin Martin is a well – known activist against drugs. The man fed the girl and took to him. Then it all developed very rapidly, marriage, birth of his daughter – then the young woman’s life changed forever! But, it seems, to give birth at Goupi is a family tradition. Her only daughter gave birth at the age of 16, making the actress a grandmother at 34. Hurried with the birth of babies and the granddaughter of the actress. So, Goupi already 58 years has become a great-grandmother!

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