Пинк поговорила сама с собой о старости и ошибках молодости

Пинк поговорила сама с собой о старости и ошибках молодости

Outrageous and unique singer Pink has published on his page on Twitter a few messages, which communicated with itself. The monologue took place on the theme of the inevitability of aging both externally and internally. In his talk, Pink has made it clear that she never decides to have plastic surgery, although the first signs of ageing making her upset.

In September 2019, the singer was 40 years old. Pink has long been not a young girl, but her body and athletic performance are at the highest level. Unfortunately, the aging process doesn’t bypass even her talking about her sad monologue in the social network. It is this theme she identified several Twitter posts, which even managed to argue with himself for changes in appearance.

It is worth Recalling that in his youth, Pink always did what came to her mind. Many called her a real rebel, and it’s true. Obedience is not about her, generally accepted rules it is always neglected. At the moment, she regrets that experimented on their appearance, doing forbidden things, because it all very much impact the appearance.

“Honey, you’re getting old. I see these lines on your face especially when you smile. You increase the nose… And you seem weird (and feel). But the nose and the wrinkles when you laugh… And Yes, you’re an idiot – do you smoke” is the beginning of a series of posts Pink.

Fortunately, the singer can be proud of, her physical training remains at the highest level, the proof of all those tricks and moves that she performs every day on the stage. Short hair, muscular hands and a husky voice can not be called striking features of the seductress. Pink always knew and understood that her appearance is far from the usual delicate femininity, periodically this is frustrating her. However, the singer has always been distinguished by cheerfulness, a solid position and this individual character.

This is stated in her last message, by the way, in it she is talking directly to his fans. Pink explained that she was lucky to have good self esteem, due to which she has never depended on the opinions of others. Pink was always confident in his voice and talent, understood that individuality in her life she will be more useful than beautiful appearance. “So join, I’m going to grow old fashioned natural way” — summed up the celebrity.

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