Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал про свою возлюбленную и историю их первой встречи

Дэниел Рэдклифф рассказал про свою возлюбленную и историю их первой встречи

The star of the movie Harry Potter 30-year-old British actor Daniel Radcliffe in a recent interview shared details of life with his lover Erin Darke. The couple is in relationship since 2013. The actor considers himself the most happy, because next to Erin, he can be himself, and most importantly she likes it very much.

Daniel Radcliffe said about the only woman in his life and how they met. It turns out a few years ago, they both participated in the filming of “Kill your darlings”, since young people are just inseparable. The actor says he found in his beloved soul mate, because next to her he didn’t need to pretend, Daniel can do whatever he wants and when. That’s what he appreciates in the Dark.

“I grew up with the idea of doing tedious things that I’m a real nerd. Thought that can’t be the same around a girl. However, now I’m happy that everything is exactly the opposite. I can be myself and it I is not condemned. She’s loving it she’s having fun. It’s just fantastic!” — said the actor.

Erin Darke is also an actress, but less well known than Daniel. At the moment she is shooting in California, but Radcliffe is in the UK. At least a couple and separated by hundreds of kilometers, she still every day to stay in touch, communicate and see each other.

The celebrity confesses that talking with your favorite day on Skype. He perceives normal that they have to leave, because the profession involves constant touring. This period is the long parting, which they had to face previously they were not parted for a period of time. The actor thanked the people who invented Skype and Facetime.

At the end of the interview Daniel added that their family life is very boring, because you can see them at social events or unusual activities anything, just not really. They sit at home, watch movies and enjoy socializing with each other. However, Erin is completely satisfied, but Radcliffe is experiencing about this. He is comfortable in this lifestyle, but he fears that the Dark one is the monotony of the tired.

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