Попались на «слабо»: на какие безумства пошли звезды, чтобы выиграть спор Natalia Bochkareva arrived in the theater, Alena Apina made a Striptease, Vladimir Levkin parted hair, and many other artists and even risked their own health. “StarHit” to know what celebrities ready to prove his innocence.

      Попались на «слабо»: на какие безумства пошли звезды, чтобы выиграть спор

      From the propensity to gambling often suffer not only simple inhabitants, but the stars, which says the entire country. Many of them had to do these crazy things in order to prove to your opponent that they can do anything. At times this led to unexpected consequences, but in General has had a spectacular ending. “StarHit” learned what the representatives of show business for the sake of winning the argument.

      A sharp turn

      Natalia Bochkareva became an actress

      If 18 years ago a relative of Natalia Bochkareva picked her “weak”, we would never have known the star of the sitcom “Happy together”. “My aunt Anastasia Feodorovna was a big theater, do not miss a single premiere, – says Natalya. And here we go once past the Nizhny Novgorod theatre school, and she told me slyly, “I Bet I don’t?” Of course, I decided to prove that I can handle anything”.

      However, very zealous Bochkarev did not – to the exam she is not prepared. Helped experience, drama. “I could sing limericks, read an introductory monologue from a play we were doing in the classroom. And ended up in the coveted list!” –says Natalya.

      However, won the dispute then went Botchkareva side – girl got a scolding from my parents, because at that time studied at the Higher school of business and entrepreneurship. “I had to explain to them and go pick them up, but it was worth it” – sums up Bochkarev.

      Take it slow!

      Alena Apina naked on TV show

      Попались на «слабо»: на какие безумства пошли звезды, чтобы выиграть спор

      Hot dancing 9 years ago, surprised the audience on the project “You – superstar!” the singer Alena Apina. Performing in a music project, the song Shura “You do not believe in tears”, the star got so carried away that did not notice how her shoulders flew a light jacket and she was left in only my bra.

      “I was taken aback, but then I saw that the audience was met by my unplanned Striptease heavy applause,” says Apina. Is especially zealously applauded the jury member, singer Vlad Topalov. I joked, unable to fully undress. Hall supported the idea of hooting. I began to make excuses, and Vlad said, “Well, do not keep their word. Bet you can’t undress?” I leaped in excitement!”

      Apina safely unzipped into a skirt and faced the audience in their underwear. “For a long time I, of course, stood and quickly went backstage under approving shouts of the audience. Well, most piquant on the air was not included, and the husband would not be happy”, – says Alena.

      Rivals: how the star ladies over 45 Shine in a bikini



      Попались на «слабо»: на какие безумства пошли звезды, чтобы выиграть спор

      The future soloist of group “on-On” learning in the 9th grade, made on the head of the “chemistry”. “Before the summer break with all the guys we argue that September 1 will come to the line with a Perm,” says 49-year-old Levkin. – I saved up a mad at the time, the money, three rubles, and went to the hairdresser. There wondered, saying, why do you have to spoil long hair – at me they were up to the shoulders. When come the new school year, I realized with horror that the only fulfilled the conditions of the bet.”

      Teachers, seeing the hair, I was horrified. “I sat at a Desk just one lesson, – says Vladimir. – After that I drove to get rid of the hair on his head. Had to go to the hair salon this time to get a haircut “on a typewriter”.

      The oars away!

      Nadia Handle almost cold

      Попались на «слабо»: на какие безумства пошли звезды, чтобы выиграть спор

      The desire to win in the betting made the future soloist of group “Brilliant” to risk the health. Studying in the 7th class, the Handle rested in the Crimea.

      “It was the beginning of March, in the sea and nobody swimming,” says Pen. – Devil pulled me, walking with a friend along the shore, suggest, argue, swim to the end of the breakwater? The friend got excited, and I realized that I would have to answer for their words. And there is a decent distance – not less than a kilometer, but still water ice…”

      Nadia was rescued, she was a good swimmer. The journey there and back took around half an hour on shore Handle returned from leg cramps, blue lips and trembling. “Was afraid I’d get sick, but I didn’t,” recalls Nadia. Now think before you go on such adventures.



      Passion for future disputes of the participant of “House-2” Elina Kamiren in the 5th grade made her… to know the taste of soap. “I remember, came to visit a friend, and she’s in the bathroom on the shelf unopened piece – in a beautiful package, well-dressed, once seen, brought from abroad, – says Elina. – I sniffed it and a friend take Yes lyapni: “You gonna eat!” Why, you say, am I nuts? And she starts to game me: “Sure, you little him to bite…”

      My gambling nature took over… I ripped open the wrapper and bit off a small piece – it was no, I manfully chewed and swallowed it. Now think what a fool I was then. Good that the belly ache from such experiments!” Elina Kamiren opened the intimate details of his life

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