Филипп Киркоров изнуряет себя тренировками в спортзале The king of Russian pop-scene has posted a video of their practice. Fans were once again convinced that Philip is in excellent physical shape. They were glad that the artist leads a healthy lifestyle that can serve as an example, in the first place, for his children.

      People’s artist of Russia Filipp Kirkorov constantly surprises fans with unusual performances. His stage rooms filled with complex dance choreography. However, the 49-year-old actor brilliantly cope with the most difficult productions than once again proves to the audience that he is in great physical shape. However, the king of the pop scene decided to go to the gym to maintain your body in good shape. He has published a short video which showed the grueling training.

      “Slowly come into form,” wrote a man in a microblog.

      Fans were in awe of the fact that the artist shared with them the record. They noted that Philip is in excellent physical shape. For many example Kirkorov became the incentive to go to the gym to put in order your body. Publication of the people’s artist immediately attracted a huge number of views and comments.

      “Handsome! Phil! Right, need to be fit and beautiful! More hair grow. You go long!”, “Hey handsome! I video he actually never saw”, “good Luck, darling! With the sport and without it you are the most beautiful and sexy for us. Love!”, “Well done, good for you, it is necessary to keep yourself in shape! It’s cool!”, “Keep it up! Handstand is quite a complex exercise, but very effective,” said loyal fans in the video artist and producer.

      It is possible that by his example he shows the heirs, the little Martin and Alla-Victoria, the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Philip has already talked about the fact that he wants to give the daughter lessons in rhythmic gymnastics. Trust of the child he intends the famous coach Irina Viner-Usmanova, who has trained many athletes.

      Children of Philip Kirkorov made a splash at the premiere of his show

      “Home – aunt Marie, dad Bedros – support my decision to try my daughter in this sport,” said “StarHit” Philip. Alla-Victoria loves to dance – it is necessary to include music, it maketh such PA, just stare! But not just jumping to the beat, and trying to perform complex choreographic improvisation. It is very flexible, he sometimes wonder how it is she is so beautiful to move. And daughters like the attention – when everyone is staring, wide-eyed. She loves to surprise me. Soon we’ll be watching her progress. Perhaps Martin in the future will choose a sport for the soul – he is also very agile, quick, nimble”.

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