Поймали! Сын Ефремова замечен в Петербурге с бывшей женой

One of the most enviable grooms of Russia, handsome Nikita Efremov calmly walking the streets of the Northern capital. That’s just to know the star of the TV series “Londongrad” and “Thaw” is almost impossible.

No, the young actor has resorted to services of plastic surgeon. But old-fashioned thick-rimmed glasses, plaid jacket, skinny tie and short pants handsome transformed beyond recognition.

Such a ridiculous outfit Nikita tried not because he decided to escape from his many admirers. But only for the filming of the TV series with the working title “excellent Student” Director Oksana Karas. Incidentally, the previous film Karas – the “Good boy” took the main prize at Kinotavr this year.

Shooting 8-part film in the heart of St. Petersburg began in mid-July of this year. However, the filming process takes place in secrecy. Details can be known only from fragmentary information, which participants of the process publish in social networks.

It is known that “Straight a student” will unfold in 1958, Nikita Efremov will play in the movie the main role. And whoever he was in the story, we have no doubt: everything will be just fine. After all, to experience all the features of the era of the Khrushchev thaw he managed while working on the painting “Thaw” in which he played his legendary grandfather of Oleg Efremov.

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Partner Nikita was a young actress, the main character of the series “Deffchonki” Taisiya Vilkova. The work involved the former wife of Nikita Efremov Jan Smooth – the couple officially divorced in December last year, a year after the wedding. And Nikita have already seen with another lady – Alexandra Maniovich, the daughter of a successful businessman Mikhail Maniovich.

However, the new sweetheart Nikita in St. Petersburg has not been seen. But with his ex-wife, the actor spends a lot of time.

“The first day of shooting “Straight a student”. Rode the tram almost 5 hours on the route Repin square near the Kalinkin bridge – Turgenev square and back. On the episode on the tram with us was Nikita Efremov,” he revealed some details of the shooting process one of peterburjenki involved in the crowd.

In addition, the shooting took place in the building of the chemical faculty of the Polytechnic. A photo of one of the classrooms the Director Oksana Karas posted on his page in Instagram and it was immediately recognized by those who once studied in the prestigious St. Petersburg University.

“Yeah!!!! We then lectures on chemistry, was listening experiments looked… Nothing has changed! All in 1997! – said one of the graduates of Polytechnic University.

“And we did 1958 remove” – immediately responded commentator Oksana Karas.

In addition, the actors had to go through unforgettable moments during night shoots in the cemetery!

“Night shift at the cemetery is priceless,” Karas joked, adding the hashtag #literaturschock that allows you to define this as the necropolis of the Volkovo cemetery.

In General, to the entertainment of the audience this adventure detective drama is clearly not necessary. However, while it is not known when the series will be shown and on what channel will show it. Shooting in the Northern capital will last until at least September.

And we’d add that St. Petersburg has inspired the family of Ephraim to all sorts of exploits! Two years ago, Mikhail Efremov, Nikita’s father, had moved to the city on the Neva river, lost 8 kg, and even refused alcohol!

By the way, Mikhail Efremov to change their place of residence also had from filming – he played the title role in the TV series “the Investigator Tikhonov”.

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