Свободная касса: дочь Барака Обамы работает в ресторане фастфуда

15-year-old Sasha Obama now can be found in a fast food restaurant Nancy’s on the island of Martha’s vineyard in Massachusetts.

The youngest of the daughters of the President of the United States, according to the newspaper the Boston Herald, from 7:30 to 11:00 Nancy’s room preparing for the arrival of visitors, stands beside the cash register and cleans the tables.

At work, Sasha was escorted six members of the security services. During busy daughters Obama men in black suits waiting for her in the car in the Parking lot and Nancy’s on the bench next to the school.

After a working day Sasha brings to the guards a few glasses of Coca-Cola, and then gets in the car and went to her parents.

Fast food restaurant Nancy’s, by the way, is one of the favorite of the Obama family. The President, with his wife and daughters often goes there to enjoy seafood. We also know that Barack is familiar with the owner of the establishment, so it is likely that they personally agreed to work Sasha cashier. Training girls is likely to last for two weeks (it was at this period her parents arrived in Massachusetts.

By the way, the daughter of Barack Obama proved to the public that nothing human is alien to them and they live just like normal girls their age. Not long ago, the eldest daughter of the President, 18-year-old Malia Ann, was published in democratic dress of Asos for 3000 rubles (see photo HERE).

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