Catherine velichenko worked as a bartender

Екатерина Вуличенко поработала барменом
New skills of the actress appreciated the couple Strizhenov.

Catherine velichenko treats a signature cocktail Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy

Photo: @vulichenko (Instagram Catherine Velichenko)

On one of the social events Catherine velichenko changed
profession. The actress made the unusual refreshing cocktail and fed it
my friends — Catherine and Alexander Strizhenovy.

“If summer doesn’t come, then you need a good
call! So we get through the making summer cocktails. Between
by the way, did with his hands, and it turned out delicious. Katya Strizhenova was
the first taster will not lie. Well share the recipe, of course:
chop the sorrel, strawberries, cucumber small pieces, add the lemon balm (not
to cut, to tear to pieces , to mash with a mortar, then squeeze half
lemon, add mineral water, a little sugar syrup (if someone does not
can without sugar) and ice cubes, stir, and lemonade ready! Nice
appetit!” — said Catherine.

Velichenko a supporter of healthy eating. “I don’t use
fast food, soda, chips, buns. Was easy to refuse
familiar from childhood with fried chicken and salad with mayonnaise for me now
tasteless food. Pork don’t eat it I just don’t like. But I love bacon and
sometimes give yourself a treat. By the way, the fat with the bread is quite healthy meals
separation of power (the same land). In fat protein cannot be thermally processed,
and it can be eaten together with carbohydrates. Therefore, the nanny of my daughter Sonya sometimes
glad I have a homemade bacon (and excellent homemade pickles).
Another obvious rule — split meals: ideally eat six times a day
small portions. Even the most healthy diet foods, if you overeat,
lead to excess weight. I noticed that I can get better, when
great employment on the set don’t have lunch and in the result
very good eating in the evening. In any case, choose which is more useful. Sea salt
coarse tastier and healthier than usual. And goat milk is healthier than cow”,
shares his secrets actress.