Sensation: the 50-year-old Halle berry is pregnant!

Сенсация:  50-летняя Холли Берри  беременна!
Fans are wondering who might be the father of the child actress.

Halle Berry


The other day Halle berry cast
in shock her fans and colleagues when he appeared on the red carpet
charity events Annual
Chrysalis Buttrefly Ball. The thing
that under the brilliant dresses of the actress were clearly seen protruding
tummy! But while it was unlikely that the actress just got better. Little
also, Holly and then instinctively stroking himself on the stomach, as is often the
do pregnant. Photo taken on
this event appeared on many websites, including

The alleged pregnancy of the actress
was all a complete surprise. First of all, the actress has already celebrated its
50th anniversary. Besides, recently she
tweeted a meaningful photo: Holly photographed
t-shirt with the inscription “no More Boyfriends!” What her fans did
the conclusion is that the actress, at least for a while, decided to put an end to his personal
life. Incidentally, the last time the paparazzi didn’t manage to photograph
with her no gentleman. Although this is, of course, does not mean that the actress is not
can meet with someone secretly.

Now fans of the actress break
their heads over a mystery — who could be the child’s father berry? As the most possible candidate
call Olivier Martinez — the former husband of Holly and father of her 3-year-old son
Maseo. Martinez really is from time to time seen with Holly, but everyone thought
they just spend time together for my son. As for other
ex — Gabriel Aubry, daddy daughters
9-year-old Holly — Nala, it, it to joy actress, she sees an extremely
rare. Recall that berry and Aubrey broke up far from peaceful. And after
this, Gabriel instigated the fight with Martinez — in the presence of Holly and her children.