Catherine velichenko found the perfect trainer for weight loss

Екатерина Вуличенко нашла идеальный тренажер для снижения веса
The star of the show “Consultant” told how she manages to maintain a slim figure.

Photo: Olesya, Gohari

Velichenko admits that time
on the sport she’s too little: it constantly on set, on tour… Jokes: “the Best simulator I think the sofa, on which lie a book and
snacks”. However, with “snacks” is not so simple. The actress has long refused
from fast food, sweet drinks, biscuits and chips. He prefers to eat what
useful. Candy and cakes, for example, replaced with dried fruit, milk chocolate —
bitter… After the birth of daughter Catherine, in her words, “intuitively
learned to follow the rules of a separate food, and it quickly affected
the figure.” Perfect Velichenko believes smaller meals six times a day, and
small portions. “I noticed that even
most useful diet foods, if overeating, lead to unnecessary
pounds,” she says.

Sport Catherine is also friends, despite the fact that, according to her, can’t bring myself to do it in the morning at home to poprisedat and popadayutsya. She loves to swim, in winter skis, in the spring
sits on the bike. Between trying to choose a time and twice a week there training in
a fitness room. “It’s important to find your sport, —
she says. — I, for example, did not go Pilates. Boring! But I loved to walk on the ellipse. That’s what gives cardio and a real reduction
weight! Is impact not only on the legs and glutes, but almost all the muscles
the body including arms, shoulders and abs. And unlike a treadmill,
the ellipse has no impact on the joints, so it has less

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