Nonna Grishaeva: “every visit daughter terrifies me”

Нонна Гришаева: «В каждый свой приезд дочь приводит меня в ужас»
The actress admits that she would not dare such a bold experiment.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Nonna Grishaeva said that her daughter Nastya constantly surprising her experiments with appearance.

“Nastya often repainted in green, then purple, then pink, then red, then blue, — says the actress. — In every visit (Nastya is now studying at the faculty of graphics and illustration at the University of Cambridge. — Approx. ed.) she terrifies me. I would never dare! They are fond of cosplay, they dress in comic book characters and films in the fantasy genre… I Recently asked my daughter: “why is now the white hair? You looked so good in red.” She replied that white is easier to repaint in a new color. So I still have a new surprise. As an adult woman, I realize that it really spoils the hair, but as she did not go through with it, do not understand”.

Grishaeva admitted that she is a lifetime so are not experimented with the hair as her daughter. Although one still decided on a serious step for the role cut off his long braid.

“I remember the first time in my life I cut his hair, smiles the actress. — I then studied on the third course played Cleopatra and specifically went to a movie with Elizabeth Taylor in this role. Saw her hair and realized that such a wig I never get it. For art’s sake cut your hair on the shoulders, made a short bangs, dyed it blue-black colour, found corrugated Curling iron and curled the hair. Turned out one to one. When the curtain opened, a whisper went around the room: “Oh, what the wig at Grishaeva!” As all were surprised when I came with the same hairstyle. This was my most daring experiment.”

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