Cate Blanchett will replace brad pitt

Кейт Бланшетт заменит Брэда Питта
Men’s “reign” in Hollywood comes to an end.

Кейт Бланшетт заменит Брэда Питта

Brad Pitt

Photo: Splash News/East news

Cate Blanchett

Photo: Splash News/East news

The news
that producer Jerry Weintrab planned the shooting of the remake of the blockbuster “Eleven
friends of Oushena” extremely pleased fans of this film. However, when
it became known who will get the film in starring roles, fans wondered.

The thing is,
what the creators of the future film decided not to copy the old movie and give the story
a new life. First of all, new adventures of a group of ingenious fraudsters
will act not eleven, but eight characters. That is why the project
while carries code name “Ocean n Ocho”, which translates as “Eight oceans”.
Actually Oso is not English, and
a Spanish word which has recently become extremely fashionable in Hollywood. But
the main surprise is not in the title, and in the cast.

As it became
known thanks to the information provided by the website The Playlist, the role
which in the old version played by brad pitt, claims … cate Blanchett! And
irresistible George Clooney will replace Sandra bullock. Moreover, all other
the performers members of the group are women too. . One of the characters rumored
would like to play and Jennifer Lawrence. However, it is not clear whether it
make time in your extremely busy schedule. Jennifer, in comparison
with all the other members of the crew, there is another additional reason
seeks to get to the group…”. The fact that the Director of the project assigned
Gary Ross is the one with which she so successfully worked on the set of the first film of the franchise “the Hunger
games” made her a star.

sort of the idea of remakes of famous movies in the women’s part, was the last
very popular in Hollywood. As previously reported, it is planned, for example, the creation of feminist
version of the adventures of the famous agent 007. And already a number of Actresses have expressed their
the desire to play a major role in this project. There are rumors about female remake of “Ghostbusters”.

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