Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости

Cacti and succulents are among the most popular houseplants because the care required is minimal. However, this does not mean that you can leave the computer near the cactus to collect dust forever eternal without any supervision. We have compiled useful household tricks and tips that will help in caring for your evergreen favorites.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Transplanting succulents. Photo: One Kings Lane

Cunning care for cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents do not like large pots, but very sensitive to the choice of the ground. Thus they can be assembled into an interesting interior composition, which will not take in the room a lot of space.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Photo: Joojoo

Tip: option a suitable soil for cacti and succulents: 1/3 of leaf, neizvestnogo 1/3 sand, 1/3 gravel, lava, pumice or other coarse material. It is important that the soil be loose and missed well water should not stagnate. Of course, different varieties have their own specifics, this is just a basic version.

Optimally place the plants on the windowsill (ideally, if the window is facing South-East), because they need a lot of sun. Remember that cacti do not like when they move from place to place and preferably to the sun, they were turned by the same party (you can make marks on the pots). Otherwise, your Pets may never bloom. If you want to correct the curvature of the stem or move the cactus, turn it the other side to the sun better in the spring.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Photo: Guia para Decorar

Remember that most cacti — desert dwellers, so watering should be as close as possible to natural conditions, that is to be rare, but abundant. Usually, cacti is enough to water once every 3 months, and in the winter to do it and completely unnecessary. In cold periods water the plants better in the morning, hot in the morning.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Photo: One Kings Lane

Depending on air humidity and room temperature, the succulents are watered more often, usually every few weeks, although some species and is capable of accumulating moisture, which lasts for a sufficiently long period.

Transplantation of cacti and protection from thorns

You brought a small cactus or succulent from the store and decided to replant it in a pot bigger and prettier? Insert a pencil eraser up into the drain hole of the pot, and if the soil is dry, it is easy to jump out of the pot along with the plant.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Cactus Gymnocalycium riojense. Photo: rareynolds1

Larger cacti to transplant, alas, not so simple. And the main danger is not a plant, and your fingers. To protect them from sharp thorns, make the simple tongs made of several layers of newspaper. Fold the sheet from top to bottom to form a dense paper tape about 8 cm wide. Wrap the tongs around the cactus, firmly press the ends of the tape and gently pull the cactus up out of the pot.

Memo: to remove the small spines on the fingers, use adhesive tape, pressing it to the affected area.

Protection from parasites

To protect the cacti and succulents from disease, often ventilate the room where they are, it will be useful not only to them but also you. However, remember that cacti are very sensitive to draughts! Try not too zealous with the watering of cacti, as from excess moisture their roots can start to rot.

Уход за кактусами и суккулентами. Полезные хитрости
Succulents. Photo: MinkyMooCeramics

Signs that the cactus or succulent has sevicios parasites:

  • white fluffy spots suggest the emergence of mealy worms.
  • small brown or beige swellings on the stem indicate the emergence of insects.

If the damage is minor, remove pests, and plant wipe with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If the infection is serious, you will have to spray the plant with a solution consisting of 1 Cup water, 1 teaspoon of corn oil and 1 teaspoon liquid dishwashing.

Tip: often at the cactus aphid appears. In this case, experts advise to gently RUB cactus old toothbrush dipped in soapy water.

Photo: Joojoo

As you can see, to grow cacti and succulents is a snap, and for those who often forgets to water plants — it’s all perfect! Of course, if you are addicted to this thing seriously, you will see the many intricacies of caring for these amazing plants, but the basic principles are still simple enough.

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