Cancer Lama Safonova is urgently looking for a doctor

Больная раком Лама Сафонова срочно ищет врача Singer finished a course of radiation therapy. Now Lama Safonova needs to determine the physician who will monitor her health. She is very picky about the specialist, because he understands that his professionalism is critical to the success.
Больная раком Лама Сафонова срочно ищет врача

In December last year singer Lama Safonova admitted to fans that preparing for a serious operation. The actress said that she was diagnosed with cancer. She appealed to colleagues in the show business and fans as she had a long and expensive course of treatment. Lama Safonova realized causes serious illness

Lama now regularly talks about the state of his health in the microblog. She shared the news that he finished a course of radiotherapy. According to her, a month and a half it will be clear whether there will be new metastases. The actress admitted that now her life depends on the doctor, which she will be observed. Safonov is very concerned and hopes to be able to find a good specialist.

“In any case, during this time I have somewhere to dig up a cool, brave, sane and very experienced gynaecologist, it was his doctor who will not be from me to dismiss Protocol and behave formally. The present oncologist with a capital letter, who will carefully lead me all my life, and will be able to extend their knowledge! Now I will depend on him. I have to find him!” – said the singer.

Fans have no doubt that the Lama will be able to overcome the disease and support the artist kind words. They believe that in a short time the illness go away, and she Safonova will again take the stage. The girl admits that she’s hard to tolerate long-term treatment, but she’s not giving up.

“I went for radiation and cried. Never in my life have I uttered with such deep joy of the word “last”. Before my eyes swept the whole nightmare that has befallen our family and gutted my body. Heavy surgery, intensive chemotherapy, radiation internal and external”, – shared his experiences of the artist.

Lama talked about the fact that she has an individual intolerance of some kind of drugs, which complicates its treatment. According to the singer, she was difficult to fight the disease, as doctors had to select medicines taking into account all features of the reaction of the body. Lama Safonova has gone to desperate measures in the fight against cancer