Anastasia Volochkova accused the pernicious habit

Анастасию Волочкову обвинили в пагубной привычке
The dancer appeared in the center of the scandal.



Anastasia Volochkova accused the pernicious habit, namely, to addiction to alcoholic drinks. This statement was made by Dana Borisova in the program, Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret
in a million”.

Dana has publicly admitted that he was sick and in the moment
treated in the clinic of Thailand. “I issued the call in our show business that it is necessary
save two blondes, a famous TV presenter, which is insane and which
got hair, and a dancer-a ballerina,” says Dana. TV presenter
did not name names, but it became clear that we are talking, including about Anastasia
Volochkova. So the next day in the program “You wouldn’t believe.” her name in connection with this scandal, have called directly and colleagues in show business to comment on the state of the stars.

By the way, a ballerina, she adds fuel to the fire. Anastasia is not shy to be photographed with a glass of wine. She often
published in his Instagram pictures of Breakfast, which featured
champagne. However, all the speculation in the address Volochkova has not

We will remind, quite
recently it became known that Volochkova received an offer of marriage from
representative men, with whom, as it turned out, Nastya is already familiar not
for the first year. Patient boyfriend was a businessman — a wealthy, influential
and endlessly in love. “It was incredibly touching and beautiful. I know I’m not
just saying for me it’s not nice words or the volume name and business and
actions. This man has done for me an incredible feat: he dropped everything and
I came to Spain specifically to see my performance”,
told Volochkova.