Cancer Janice Dickinson is on the mend

Больная раком Дженис Дикинсон идет на поправку

Janice Dickinson likes to call itself the world’s first supermodel. Is this true, is debatable, but today, unfortunately, we are not talking about career achievements of women, and about her health.

At the end of March it became known that the 61-year-old star, the model is ill with cancer.

The disease was discovered in the mammary glands Dickinson. Barely hearing the diagnosis, Janice began to struggle and seems to be very successful.

“I still find it hard to talk about it. I am shocked and very frightened. This was a blow to me. But I’m not going to let fear get the better of me, I will fight”, — said the press Janis, in preparation for the operation on the right breast (it was there that he discovered the source of the disease). Apparently, early diagnosis of cancer helped Dickinson not only to cure disease, but to do it with minimal physical and moral costs.

Since the start of treatment for cancer, it’s only been two months, but already is a woman who is cheerful and walking in Los Angeles.

6 Jun Janice went to the beauty salon. Podlovili model paparazzi could not help noting that she looked fresh and rested.

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