Светлана Пермякова счастлива с таксистом

With her husband and the father of her only daughter Barbara Maxim Scriabin actress Svetlana Permyakova broke up in September 2015. Six months later the star of TV series “Interns” declares she has found a new happiness. He was a taxi driver from Moscow.

Svetlana got acquainted with her new lover on the way to the airport. Our driver Victor immediately recognized her, but didn’t want to nadakuditi her questions about the world of show business.The actress and the chauffeur spoke on everyday topics. Saying goodbye, Svetlana asked for a room with Victor, to have at hand a friend of the driver. Vernuvshis from a tour in the capital, Permyakova dialed the number of a new acquaintance. After a few trips Victor had the courage and invited Permyakova on a date.
The actress first doubted whether to give in to the attentions of a new Beau and her ex-husband, Victor younger than her dozen years. But, surrounding a woman with care and attention, the man found a way to her heart.
Economic Victor helped the Permyakova to build a house in the suburbs, and they did everything with their hands. This convinced her that her need a man.
Now they are happy to spend a weekend at the dacha where they grow vegetables and fruits.
Recall that with my husband Svetlana broke up in the fall of 2015. They separated, staying in a wonderful relationship. To be closer to his daughter, Maxim we rented an apartment in the neighborhood.
“Cooking is our happiness, she rastet an atmosphere of love and support. We broke up to keep parents happy. When she grows up, she will understand this” — said in an interview with Svetlana.

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