Больная раком актриса «Зачарованных» избавилась от волос Shannen Doherty continues to struggle courageously with cancer. Recently, a woman decided to get rid of his beautiful curls, which she once shone on television. Friends and colleagues Doherty strongly support it. Many of them believe that Shannen will be able to overcome the disease.

      45-year-old American actress Shannen Doherty recently shaved her head and posted on his Instagram a series of photos, which were sealed with this process. The woman took such a radical step due to the fact that due to the treatment ringtonevee rays and chemicals her hair is falling out. To support Shannen came her mother, Rosa Doherty, as well as friends of the actress — model Anne Cortright – Selstat and real estate agent Chris Cortazzo.

      “Thanks you three, you helped me through an incredibly hard day that every minute has supported and loved me. My friend Kurt was in Mexico for work and couldn’t be with us, but he knew that would leave me in good hands,” shared Doherty in social networks.

      Fans of the actress took her a lot of warm words in the comments. “Shannen, we send you positive energy”, “We love you and wish only the best”, “You can be beautiful with hair and without,” “You are a wonderful person and a great soldier who suffered from this terrible disease”, “Keep the Cams for you. Get well soon, we are very much worried about you”, “Shannen, you are so incredibly strong, I admire your courage and worried for you”, — shared her emotions with subscribers actress.

      Earlier Shannen was supported by her colleagues. “I’m praying for a speedy recovery. Be strong, lady,” — wrote in “Twitter” with alyssa Milano. In an interview with ET Ian Ziering, Shannen Doherty called “hard nut” and admired the courage of a celebrity. According to the actor, since his colleague was able to overcome criticism from the press early in his career, it will definitely be able to cope with the disease. Hope for recovery-star of “Bewitched” was also expressed by Jason Priestley. In an interview with reporters, he said that Shannen, shaved bald, made a fearless act, and her action will help many other sick people. “I believe she will stand in this battle, and all will be well,” said the performer of the role of Brandon in the TV series “Beverly hills 90210”.

      We will remind that in March of last year, Shannen Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer. In August last year, the actress filed a lawsuit against his Manager Tanner Mainstain. Shannen accused him that he wasn’t filing her medical insurance, in connection with which the star time has not been assisted.

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