Ксения Стриж преобразилась после пластики лица Leading known is going to arrange a massive party to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In anticipation of this important event, the star decided to transform. For this, she turned to a plastic surgeon, dentist, hair stylist and expert on hair and makeup.

      Ксения Стриж преобразилась после пластики лица

      49-year-old television and radio host Ksenia Strizh decided to radically change the way and became the heroine of the program “10 years younger”. According to Kseniya, it has pushed the upcoming anniversary in January next year she turns 50 years. On this occasion, the TV star is planning a huge celebration which will call all their relatives and friends.

      According to the results of surveys of experts and ordinary people, she looks average at 54 years. “Well, of course, so much makeup, so many universities and husbands,” said swift. By the way, the moment a celebrity married for the fifth time, in what she admitted during transmission. Spouse stars younger than her 15 years.

      First swift went to a plastic surgeon. During the examination the doctors discovered she had health problems. So they decided to postpone the surgery to weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. “The risk is too high,” the doctor said. A few days later the anesthesiologists gave the nod to changes in appearance leading. However, the surgeon did not rule out the possibility of health problems in swift get plastic surgery due to the fact that she leads an unhealthy lifestyle.

      Ксения Стриж преобразилась после пластики лица

      The surgeon decided to do the swift facelift with the use of SMAS techniques to remove deep nasolabial folds and sagging of cheeks, platysmaplasty correction of double chin and also “adjusted” the patient’s upper eyelid.

      To improve the condition of the oral cavity of Xenia, the leading dentists removed teeth, did her bone grafting and implants postavil. After that, the smile, the swift was no worse than Hollywood stars.

      Ксения Стриж преобразилась после пластики лица

      The course of medical procedures, swift made a visit to the beautician. With a laser he removed the dilated vessels, then spent mesotherapy neck area and décolleté, as well as adjusted with the help of a filler middle third of the face and the contour of the lips.

      The presenter was extremely pleased with the results of his Transfiguration. In her opinion, she now looks for more than forty years. Fashionable pink hair color Ksenia liked, she called it “cool.” A happy woman can’t wait to impress your loved ones with its stunning appearance. She also invited all the experts of the program to their anniversary.

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