Canada will open the Museum named after Justin Bieber

В Канаде откроется музей имени Джастина Бибера

For their homeland, canadian singer Justin Bieber became a real idol in his honor will open a Museum. In a province in Eastern Canada — Ontario in the city of Stratford in the room of the Stratford Perth Museum is a personal Museum of the artist.

Exhibits will be personal things Bieber, for future visitors was provided by the grandparents of Justin, Diane and Bruce Dale. For the installation of the Museum creators and curators have gathered 100 items from the personal belongings of the artist. Presented will be 75 copies. CBCnews reports that the Museum’s curators are going to complete your collection annually. The collection joins the award “Grammy”, hockey bag, personal letters and microphones Justin.

Even without a Museum named after Bieber, a small town a long time in great demand among fans of the singer. In 2010, the tourism Council of Stratford made up for tourists a special card for the musician “Bieber-iffic Map”. This in running the city did not stop and decided that a Museum named after artist will attract even more tourists.

In the life of the singer getting better. Not only Museum of its chesto have bsalsa Bieber, but new and old relationships. 23-year-old Justin Bieber and 25-year-old Selena Gomez have given their relationship a second chance. The news was officially confirmed by a source close to the couple, for edition of Us Weekly.

“Selena and Justin are back together. Like Selena always had feelings for him. While her friends want her to be careful because she has only recently recovered after a serious operation,” says the insider to foreign publications.

Before you give a second chance to Justin, Selena was Dating 27-year-old Abel Tesfaye of Makkonen’s acting under pseudonym The Weeknd. Their relationship lasted 10 months, after which the couple broke up. One of the reasons was called busy schedule. The Weeknd has been busy with his concert tour that would not let him fully take care of his beloved. “Within a few months they find it difficult to admit that everything is going to breakup,” said one of the insiders. Many assumed that the singer has parted ways with Abel, because he decided to get back together with Bieber. When the children denied their relationship, but only explained a joint walk friendly. Now it’s official.