Khloe Kardashian told how to call the unborn child

Хлое Кардашьян рассказала, как назовет будущего ребенка

33-year-old Khloe Kardashian for the first time after the announcement of the pregnancy came on a TV show — sister Kim Kardashian to attend in the new edition of the show Ellen DeGeneres, where she talked about pregnancy and marriage with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, from whom she is expecting a child. The star told how the call of the unborn baby and much more.

Хлое Кардашьян рассказала, как назовет будущего ребенка

On the show, Chloe confirmed that she is now in her sixth month of pregnancy but the sex of the child does not know. Says the star, if it’s a boy she wants to name him after dad’s child — 26-year-old basketball player Tristan Thompson. “If it’s a boy, I will choose the name Tristan Jr. To daughter wider choice, don’t even know what name to choose. Want it started with “K” or “T”,” says Chloe.

The exact date of the wedding a Kardashian not named, and said that let it be what will be. Tristan this topic Chloe discussed and most likely marriage to be. The star said that for a long time did not wear maternity clothes. “The first trimester was difficult. In the beginning no one knows that you’re pregnant, and you feel most uncomfortable. Once people know that all the inconvenience will be compensated,” talks about his experiences during pregnancy, Chloe.

Let’s remind, that about pregnancy Chloe has already informed a fan via the caption under the photo in instagram. “Merry Christmas! May you sparkle and Shine in these holidays, may all your wishes and dreams will come true. I pray that we all feel happiness all year round.” signed photograph of Kardashian. In the photo the star appeared in a shiny suit. In the post you can also see a video which shows the Chloe outfit. In this costume she appeared at the Christmas party her mom Kris Jenner, which was also attended by other members of the family. “Next week I’ll be 6 months pregnant” said the star in the same post.

Christmas Chloe celebrated together with the family at the home of his sister Courtney.

To confess the second time in her pregnancy is much easier than it was for the first time. “I was very worried because of his confession, but WOW I am pleasantly surprised with your answers! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” says the expectant mother tweeted an hour after the recognition of instagram on Wednesday.

The future Pope and boyfriend Kardashian knew how hard this recognition is given to his beloved, which decided to support Chloe in the comments under the photo. “My love, thank you for letting me join your path in life and share this moment with you. You are better looking now than before.”

A lot of fans filled a section for comments under the picture with congratulations and nice comments. To congratulate the mother-hurried and her star friends, such as supermodel Bella Hadid, actress Millie Bobby brown and singer Kim Zolciak-Biermann. “I just cry Chloe, I’m so happy for you. You’re the best mom.” says Bella Hadid. In response to the greetings of the model Kardashian has admitted that still can’t believe this is happening.

“Congratulations to my beautiful friend and her boyfriend Tristan, because they’re having a baby! We are extremely happy for you guys! Chloe, you’re the best mum in the world! Can’t keep the secret another minute! Love you and send many positive vibes!” says country singer Kim Zolciak-Biermann.