Кэмерон Диас впервые станет мамой
The actress and her husband are preparing to become parents.

Кэмерон Диас впервые станет мамой

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden


As it became known, Cameron
Diaz matured finally to have a baby. According to the information
reporter’s edition of Life & Style Magazine,
the actress began the adoption process, and hopes soon to become a foster mother.

In principle, the actress,
who was this year 45 years old, could
to try to give birth to itself. But she decided not to risk it, besides, Cameron
wants at least another child from the orphanage were the parents. Below
to speed up the process, Diaz and her husband
rock musician Benji Madden said in his statement that I want to be
the foster parents of the child are not from the USA. After all, those who want to adopt
a child born on American soil, much longer. As far as we know,
Diaz would like to become a foster mother a boy, but will be happy and the girl.

According to the source,
Cameron and Madden, who have never been parents, have already started to collect the tips all your
friends who already have kids, part of educating children. Diaz with
waiting for the moment when I can hug my baby. How to find friends
actress, she’d make a great mom, and Benji is a great dad.

.Recall: Diaz and Madden began
Dating in may of 2014, and they
played played less than a year later in January 2015. Says
the actress, in the face of Madden she found just the perfect spouse and friend
in one person. “Benji — my life partner in everything! We have common values,
it supports and inspires me every day!” explained Cameron.

Cameron Diaz