Vladimir Mashkov told about changes in your life

Владимир Машков рассказал об изменениях в своей жизни
“One to be bored”, — says the actor.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: PR NTV

NTV has finished shooting a new large-scale
film project — “Copper sun”. The main role in the film — conductor
music companies — performed Vladimir Mashkov.

The plot
set in 1991 in a remote Central Asian village
Republic. Regimental band returns after a failed
of the competition and find the barracks empty. Their regiment received the news of
the unrest spreading across the Soviet Union with an urgent order
relocation and gone. To drive the situation in the region near
the village settled a group of militants. Now the musicians
half of which are young boys, raises a difficult choice:
catch up with her or stay to protect the peace in the village.

to shoot a historical project started in advance. Three months before
start working a Vladimir Mashkov and twelve young actors
four hours a day learning to play, conduct, and March in
the orchestra of the Russian defense Ministry. Only after that they could go to the
a two-month expedition to Uzbekistan.

and close to my heart Director and two producers invited me to
project. I’m talking about Timur Weinstein, Ruben Dishdishyan and Karen
The Hovhannisyan.
I know them for a long time and almost all of my life and changes in it took place
under their gaze. For me it is a great happiness, and in General it is a great
a rarity when you find your people. A Director who understands
you and offering many new and interesting.
One to be very boring for an actor, it can get lost. Be sure
must be the exact look from the side, which will offer what you’re not
time to think”, — says Vladimir Mashkov.

For the filming of the series was chosen by the ancient city under UNESCO protection, Khiva. There are no TV antennas, dishes, plastic
the Windows, which interfere in the frame, but there are buildings that are typical for Central Asia. This
the story is not tied to a place, it’s about humanity, strength of spirit and ability
resist the raise
a wave of hatred and anger. Project “Copper sun” is about love and about
music that win where guns and tanks are powerless.