Камерон Диаз: как складывались отношения актрисы на протяжении всей жизни

Камерон Диаз: как складывались отношения актрисы на протяжении всей жизни

47-year-old Hollywood actress for a long time, went to the status of eternal bride, because a beautiful and promising young men she had more than enough, however, to give preference to some one, she never could. The only one who managed to win the hand and heart Cameron is a musician Benji Madden. Why didn’t Diaz have with other well-known people, learn right now.

Carlos de La Torre. Male — directed the short film became the first choice Cameron. She met him in early 1990. Exactly Diaz became the initiator of their relationship, but wanted he was the first to notice her, so as often as possible caught his eye.

At that time the girl was a model and that Carlos saw in her as an actress and helped to become the main character in the movie “Mask”. The film earned Cameron a huge success and she plunged into a career. It is her attitude to work and brought their relationship in a big hole and had to leave, so as to combine a career and personal relationships she didn’t want.

Matt Dillon. Prior to 1995, the actress was fully immersed in a career, she took acting classes, acted in different movies and her popularity grew. To talk about the relationship she didn’t even want, they were not in her priority while filming, she did not see his idol Matt Dillon. You could say she was in love with him my entire adult life, but their relationship began at his initiative only a year after Dating. However, you cannot call them these relationships, the couple went on a rare date and called up periodically. And when they started working together on the film “everybody loves Mary”, it is understood that it is not made for each other.

Edward Norton. Relationship with man began in 1999, but they lasted little more than three months. To explain it was just a mismatch of personalities. Cameron at the time was only 26 years old and she wanted to go out and have fun, and Edward loved a quiet evening at home. Promuchavshis some time Norton decided to break up with the young actress.

Jared Leto. With this proper young man actress were even engaged. Jared doesn’t smoke, drink and fiercely fighting for the protection of animals. He is very much at the time, stood out among the celebrities of Hollywood, but Cameron was in love with him by the ears. At first he forbade her to smoke and drink alcohol, after wearing real fur, and tried increasingly to leave her at home instead of noisy parties. However, one day, he encroached on her work, forbidden to act in intimate scenes. This was the reason for breaking an engagement. Diaz then said: “drop out of life for 4 years — this is normal, but to become a nun forever — not for me.”

Justin Timberlake. Justin and Cameron met at a very difficult time for two. Diaz was never able to move away from breaking up with Summer, and Timberlake mourned the breakup with Britney Spears. Actress older singer by as much as 9 years, but it did not affect their romance. From the first days of meeting, they became inseparable, even went along on all the tours.

Justin asked for the hand of Cameron, her mom and their relationship became more formal. However, after some time, Timberlake was jealous of his beloved to a colleague on the film, and after the nerves he cheated with model Lucy Clarkson. Such youthful behavior Justin has put an end to their 4-year relationship. However, the young people were able to remain really good friends, but for Diaz, the gap became very painful, she even dyed her hair for a while.

Paul Sculfor. While Justin wrote a song for his ex-girlfriend, the actress has already embraced her new lover. Their relationship evolved so fast that after a couple of months they were engaged. But after a year, the couple also broke up. The pair are unable to decide where they will live, Cameron refused to go to England, and Paul didn’t see himself in America.

Alex Rodriguez. Famous baseball player has always been a playboy, he dated well-known women, including Diaz couldn’t resist but to marry her he could not. They both understood that their relationship is windy and nothing serious are not, so in an interview once said that to marry will not. According to his friends Alex, Cameron is always on the first place put his career, and then Rodriguez. It is not arranged of a young athlete.

Benji Madden. The only man who managed to completely win the heart of Cameron. Now she’s not thinking about work, career and agree to reside in the house. Couple was introduced by Nicole Richie in 2014, and in 2015, they are already married. At the moment they are waiting for their first child, who was able to conceive through IVF procedure. Cameron has long since abandoned all projects and spend time with your loved one.

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