33-летняя Меган Фокс в кружевном платье на красной ковровой дорожке с мужем

Megan Fox gave it 100% tonight, to look with her husband Brian Austin green hypnotic, dressed in a sexy satin dress with a plunging neckline.
This image inspired us dashing 90-e the years in which this image was very popular! The gorgeous 33-year-old actress Megan Fox is a true child of the 90-ies. It reflects the best fashion this era, wearing a long satin gown on the red carpet. Megan was dressed in a dress in retro style which had lace panels and a deep neckline, while participating in the gala, Global Green, along with her husband Brian Austin green, 46, 9 Dec. The star of “Teenage mutant: teenage mutant ninja Turtles” looked like they waltzed right out of the bedroom and immediately joined on the red carpet — and we mean this, of course, as a compliment — while her husband was in a classic dark gray suit and blue button-down shirt.

33-летняя Меган Фокс в кружевном платье на красной ковровой дорожке с мужем
Megan gave off a serious vibration and a hint of the way Courtney Love at the ceremony of the Oscars in 1995 his outfit, though with the exception of the smeared dark red lipstick and a tiara from Claire. We also see a bit of karly Gugino in the movie “the Ghost of hill house”. Both of these comparisons are transformed: this is a stunning new look with a totally vintage feel.


Megan completed the image with its elegant thin “by sudovym” makeup, including eyeliner and beige lipstick, and combed her hair in romantic curls.
The red carpet Brian and Megan was extremely rare for a couple who is known to like a more secluded getaway, and entertainment. The last time they appeared together on the red carpet, it was on the Golden globes 2013! They since do not look even a day older, and it has since almost seven years.
The couple looks quite happy behind the scenes and red carpet, don’t take this the wrong way. Although they don’t usually participate in events, take pictures of them with their sons, 5-year-old Bodhi, Journey, 3, and Noah, 7. Brian discovered the secret to his strong marriage in one of the exclusive interview for us magazine in November: “the Main rule for us is to be open and give each other space!”
“We discuss everything,” he explained. “We try to be as open and transparent with each other. The more we talk about things or questions, the more we understand each other. And we really began to appreciate the differences in each other more than before.”

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