Камерон Диаз и Бенджи Мэдден впервые стали родителями: у них родилась дочь

Камерон Диаз и Бенджи Мэдден впервые стали родителями: у них родилась дочь

3 January 2020, the 47-year-old actress Cameron Diaz and her 40 year old husband Benji Madden were first time parents, about this couple announced on the social network Instagram. The happy parents reported that they had a girl and they called her Radix, however, when exactly the child was born, and under what conditions, celebrities decided not to ask.

In the first place Cameron has congratulated its subscribers with the New year and announced that it was pleased to enter into a new decade full family. Diaz said that the baby immediately captured the hearts of the whole family. The actress immediately said that she decided to share the happiness of birth of daughter and their subscribers, but her maternal instinct would not allow anyone to hurt the baby. That is why more baby photos should not wait and also tell about how to increase Radix, Diaz is not going to. The only thing I want to say is the fact that the girl was really cute.

It is worth Recalling that Cameron and Benji have officially began their relationship in 2014, and a year later they married. In interviews Cameron has repeatedly said that the meeting with Benji has completely changed her life. For the sake of the soloist of the American rock band, she even decided to pause my career.

Wedding with Madden Diaz believes the best event of her life, although it is recognized that family life is not very easy. However, next to a great man, it is simple to go hand in hand. It seems that this work was not in vain, because the actress for a long time could not get pregnant and bear children, just next to Madden, she has become a mother for the first time.

Quite often, the press wrote that Cameron Diaz is pregnant, she really resorted repeatedly to the IVF procedure, however, no attempt was not successful. Radix also was conceived through the procedure, but the whole pregnancy celebrity felt great, walked the shops and enjoyed life.

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