Приемная дочь Анджелины Джоли попросила отвезти ее на родину

Приемная дочь Анджелины Джоли попросила отвезти ее на родину

American actress Angelina Jolie with their children went to the home of his adopted 14-year-old daughter Zahara. She had been adopted at the age of 6 months, she is a native of Ethiopia.

The purpose of the visit was to see Zahara’s homeland, also Angelina Jolie have decided to hold a meeting with the first lady to discuss some work issues. At this meeting, the actress has not come, and Saharas and 13-year-old Shiloh. The celebrity opted for a visit to the President of Ethiopia, with a long white dress tied with a black ribbon. Zachary decided to fully support the mother and dressed identically. But Shiloh chose the sport style: jeans, plain bright t-shirt and sports shoes. For some time the girl uses birth control pills to in the future make it easier to change your gender. Also her parents supported her and recently, Shiloh has officially changed its name to the men’s John.

The press office of the President of Ethiopia published on the official website of the country the photo with Angelina. As stated in the document, the meeting was dedicated to issues of education in the country, as well as to resolve health difficulties girls who can’t attend educational institutions due to menstruation. The women remembered about the history and culture of Ethiopia as well as looked at the statistics for tuberculosis. Different types of tuberculosis are very common in this country, unfortunately, every year the number of cases increases.

10 years ago Angelina Jolie together with the world health Committee and the Ministry of Ethiopia in this area, has created a Foundation which she named after their daughter Zahara. Therefore, since 2009, she transfers money to combat tuberculosis in the country. And children Angelina fully support the mother in this matter, but the acting career they are not interested in.

In one interview, the actress said that none of the children wants to be an actor, they like to participate in business projects and social programs.

As an example, her daughter Zahara. The girl in September 2019 launched her collection of jewelry. To create products daughter Angelina helped Robert Prokop. Zachary has decided that all profits from the sale of her collection will go to help the shelter, which is located in Los Angeles. This institution helps people who are in difficult life situation, women and children, providing them temporary housing.


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