Старшая дочь Миллы Йовович настоящая копия мамы

Старшая дочь Миллы Йовович настоящая копия мамы

Very soon an American actress Milla Jovovich and her husband Paul Anderson will become the parents of many children. After all, before the arrival of their third child less than six weeks.

On the eve of 2020, Mila decided to share with his fans a nice family photo, where she is depicted with her two daughters and husband Paul Anderson on the background of the Christmas tree.

The celebrity said that to make such a photo was very difficult. It turns out to make two kids and a husband to look at the camera and smile is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The actress even joked that if the whole family will not make beautiful Christmas photos, it will make them take part in an hour professional photo shoot. And in the end the actress added that this evening the family was great.

Mila also said that for her the greatest happiness is to hear the laughter of children who run around the house like crazy. The actress also prayed for all people on the planet to 2020 for them healthy and happy.

All fans of Mila agreed with her and confirmed that health and happiness in the family — the most important things. And the fans could not keep quiet about 12-year-old eve, because it shows how the girl is a true copy of her star mother.

Soon Mila and Paul become parents for the third time. Pregnant Jovovich told the public through his page on Instagram. She regularly shows pictures from the belly and shares his impressions. Previous post Sweet was the story about how she was scared to decide on a third pregnancy, because in 2017 she had to endure a miscarriage. Premature birth, the actress began when the child was only 4.5 months, doctors were forced to terminate the pregnancy. After this event, Mila experienced panic fears.

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