Келвин Харрис и Тэйлор Свифт едва не расстались ещё в феврале

Western media continue to dissect the relationship, which is long gone. The sudden parting of Calvin Harris and Taylor swift was a surprise only to the public, but for those close to the couple, it was a logical conclusion very strange novel. Insiders report that the crisis in their relationship began in February of this year, when Harris came with Taylor to the ceremony of the Grammy awards, where the album Taylor was nominated. In the reason of the failure many have seen the jealousy of the artist to fame, and she is the beloved realized that it is not so, for him and girlfriend.

“To the artist there is no higher award than a Grammy award. And if you’re the kind of guy that does not wish to stand beside his beloved at such an important event, then why did you give up?” — said one insider. The other, contrary to common information about meeting Taylor with Tom Hiddleston at the party, the Ball costume Institute, argues that swift met a new lover in February, and since then has taken them with Calvin’s relationship to chance, not much annoyed, when they came to an end.
When Harris got in a car accident in may, many have condemned swift for what she spent at the bedside of a loved just one day, then no one guessed that between them no longer have the same spark and soon they parted.
Recall that in a recent interview Tom said that he is happy in a relationship with Taylor and denied that the affair game to the public. If you believe the rumors, soon the star of the screen will make the singer a proposal of marriage.

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