Ольга Бузова заступилась за дочь Пригожина

Over the weekend producer Iosif Prigozhin said that he was ashamed of his daughter leased, which has decided to seek love in telestroke “Dom-2”. Prigogine spoke up then very sharply, and even allowed myself to note that “the family has its black sheep”.

“We, of course, terrified. I find it hard to resist this situation, it is useless to talk it’s like talking to a wall. I’m absolutely embarrassed and ashamed of what was Given went to this show. Well, what can I do? She’s a girl, silly to pay. As the saying goes, every family has its black sheep, and I don’t mean my family, I say this in General”, commented Joseph the act of his daughter.

To stand up for a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend, decided the old “House-2” Olga Buzova.

“She was so horror-stricken eyes looked at me when I asked her to go to dad and said, “No, I won’t!” I am very surprising to read such comments from Joseph to the address of Danae, that you shouldn’t freak… It’s awful. I was very hurt to hear these insults”, – quotes Buzova Life.ru.

By the way, in an interview with reporters Danae again told about how hard was her childhood, because her dad wasn’t around. Moreover, in those rare moments when he appeared, he certainly was talking about her excess weight and that it will be hard enough to achieve something, if she didn’t lose, “Dad never didn’t believe in me and told me no entries will be released. For example, I wanted to go to the theatre, and his father waved his hand: “Look at yourself – how are you an actress!” In the end I had to go to College to go after the 11th grade did not make sense. A year later he left him and went to College – got in on her own, without the patronage of the father. Recently graduated from the prestigious school of stylists, received the diploma of the visagiste, work part time those that make-up, hair coloring, eyebrow correction. Moonlighting the shooting as a “plus model” in advertising clothes. Now I really want to achieve something in my life that did not concern me only as daughter of Joseph Prigogine.


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