У Зураба Соткилава вновь обнаружили онкологию As the Opera singer has worsened. This was reported by his daughter Katey. Previously, Zurab Sotkilava has already had surgery to remove the tumor and several rounds of chemotherapy. Now the artist has a relapse.
У Зураба Соткилава вновь обнаружили онкологию

80-year-old Opera singer Zurab Sotkilava struggling with cancer. Some time ago fans of the famous singer announced that he had entered remission. About two years as the tenor is not a concern, but the cancer came back.

Reportedly the daughter of actor Kathy, he feels bad, therefore, restricted all activities. We will remind that earlier the man was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the pancreas. In 2015, the man was operated on in a clinic in Germany, and then underwent chemotherapy at the Moscow Oncology center them. Blokhin.

Sotkilava and his family were shocked when they learned of a serious diagnosis. The Opera singer was determined to recover. When he was able to achieve a state of remission, he shared details about the state of health in one of the television broadcasts.

“God forbid anyone be chemistry, be healthy! When my family and I found out that I have cancer, decided that we weren’t going to tell anyone about it. I managed to get very quickly to Germany for surgery, at the clinic near me all the time was the wife. Daughter dropped everything and flew in from Madrid. I was preparing for the worst, and told them how they will live without me. When I was brought into surgery, the surgeons began to sing one of the songs of my repertoire, I laughed and at that moment I put on the mask…” said Sotkilava.

Thanks to the efforts of doctors, he managed to restore not only the physical condition but also to return to creative activity. In a week he began to sing. According to the information channel Mash, it is unknown when the actor will return to the speeches.

Zurab Lavrentievich Sotkilava was born in Sukhumi, March 12, 1937. He followed in the footsteps of mother and grandmother, who loved to sing. However, at an early age he was more fond of sports.

16 Zurab played in the national team of local FC “Dynamo”, and after three years he was captain of the Junior team Georgia. After several injuries he completed a career. In 1965 Sotkilava made her debut with Georgian state theater of Opera and ballet, performing the role in the Opera “Tosca” by Puccini.

The artist is a winner of many prestigious awards, and the last concert was held in March of this year.