Поклонники осудили Ксению Собчак за полноту After the baby is born TV presenter and editor in chief of glossy magazine has gained a few extra pounds. Fans of Ksenia Sobchak don’t understand why she doesn’t aspire to thinness. However, many supported celebrity who is not afraid to be yourself.

35-year-old TV presenter and chief editor of a glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak continues to share subscribers details of their lives on Instagram. This time she placed in the microblog photo with a holiday by the sea. In the pictures she relaxes, does yoga and, of course, bathed. In one of the videos socialite in a bikini dives into the water with a luxury yacht. However, subscribers did not appreciate the beauty of the frame – they are much more interested in extra pounds blonde. Many condemned Xenia because she can’t come to a form and advised her to lose weight.

“I don’t understand why she’s so fat? Pregnant?”, “The body is far from perfect, but I used to be her equal, and had we a slight difference, and look 70 times better than she”, “Fatty”, “something swollen”, “it’s Time to lose weight,” commented live subscribers.

Of course, there were those who supported the Xenia. Fans are happy that the presenter not torturing yourself with diets and workouts in the gym just for the sake of someone’s approval. “Oh, the main thing her husband likes. She was not tightened, just a little thinner. Tired of the pursuit of ideals, the fashion changes and good”, “less than a year, do it all quickly lost weight?”, “It’s nice to see a star that looks like normal people” – joined the debate followers. Nevertheless, she she humorously refers to appearance.

“Life on the boat with the coach protects from the risk to gain three or four extra pounds to my additional excess,” wrote the celebrity.

In addition, some have suggested that Sobchak and Vitorgan decided not to stop at one kid, and she is already in an interesting position. The comments on “blonde in chocolate” has decided not to answer. And the fact that the second pregnancy to confirm or deny did not, so fans are left wondering whether the expected star family expands.

Ksenia Sobchak in the past year for the first time became a mother. On 18 November she gave birth to her husband Maxim son of Plato. The boy not yet a year old, and he has learned to swim and to do acrobatics under water with the support of the Vitorgan. Not so long ago, the proud father posted on Twitter a video in which a seven-month Plato utters the word “daddy”. Parents try to spend more time with the baby and often take it with you on trips. But in their absence for her grandson watching Lyudmila Narusova.