“Busines’ve grown!” On the granddaughter of Fyodor Bondarchuk?

«Бусёныш вырос!» На кого стала похожа внучка Федора Бондарчука?
The daughter of the Director of Tata Mamiashvili shared the unexpected.

Favorite and surprisingly grown-up daughter? #business up…

A post shared by Tata Bondarchuk (Mamiashvili) (@tatamamik) on May 16, 2018 at 7:53pm PDT

Beautiful daughter-in-law Fyodor Bondarchuk Tata Mamiashvili
shared on Network the picture, which shows her eldest daughter Margarita (she
pet names like a five year old girl with Margot, and sometimes Businesses).

“Loving and surprisingly grown-up daughter! Business up”
signed photograph of Tata.

Fyodor Bondarchuk with his granddaughter Margarita and Faith

Photo: Instagram

The delight of subscribers microblog Mamiashvili. Fans got a lively discussion of who is more like Margot. Some argue that his famous grandfather Fyodor Bondarchuk, and others have noticed its similarity to my great-grandmother Irina Konstantinovna (“Young Skobtseva!”), still others believe that the daughter of Tata — copy of his father, Sergei Bondarchuk. Someone noticed that the baby is beautiful in itself and is not obliged to be anyone like: “All the best taken from Bondarchuk and Mamiashvili. Nice girl, cool!”

Fedor Sergeyevich — a model grandfather. He adores his granddaughters Margaret and Vera and admits that he tries to pamper them always and everywhere. “In order for something to criticize, if need be, have parents, — the actor and Director. And grandparents can enjoy more fun, adore and pamper my grandson!”

In addition, Bondarchuk manifests itself as a caring father. Fedor rarely speaks about 18-year-old Varvara, who was born with special needs. However, recently in the program “Pozner” he made a touching confession about his adult daughter.

Talking about the girl, Fedor admitted that he has a dream related to it. He would love one day to run together with Barbara. Just like that: go into the field and run. Unfortunately, given the diagnosis of my daughter, this dream remains unfulfilled of the novel. And he would again feel the presence of the father around. These revelations Fedor shared in response to question Posner: “You met God, have the opportunity for him to say something. What you say to him?”

“I’ve been thinking, what will I tell him, knowing this question… I want to ask to try to feel the father to talk… But can not speak. Just once to experience it. And run across the field with my daughter, she has cerebral palsy… We are talking about what I’m going to ask, but this is weird. I hate to answer this question. These are fantasies, dreams,” — said Bondarchuk.