Близким Екатерины Варнавы сообщили о её беременности
The artist spoke about what will face in the near future wedding.

Yekaterina Varnava

Photo: @Instagram kativarnava Catherine Barnabas

Recently in mass media there was information that Catherine Barnabas is preparing to become a mother. The artist, tired to make statements about not waiting for replenishment in the family (too often attributed to pregnancy), this time ignored the rumours. As a result, the editors of one of the shows, announced to her mother that she will soon become a grandmother. Cousin Barnabas were called by phone and asked a few questions about how, say, the pregnancy of Catherine. For mom artist news about the “situation,” daughter was a surprise.

“Just a couple of days ago, overwhelmed mom said: “I just got a call from one television program, said that you were pregnant.” I said, “Mom, we yesterday met. You saw that I’m not pregnant.” — “And why are they so said?” Honestly don’t understand where this information is taken” — going through Catherine.

Barnabas already knows how to please the fans. If she throws diet, it is suspected pregnancy, and when following the figure, credited with anorexia. Meanwhile, all around her personal life is born more and more rumors. Recently in the press and discussed the upcoming wedding of Catherine. Barnabas commented on these assumptions.

“There was a time when I was looking at photos of wedding dresses in magazines. Now he has passed: I spent such a large amount of weddings, it is the amount of dancing bride and groom that just perenasytil…” — quoted by Catherine WomanHit.