Буркини: запрещенка или идеальный купальник?

The editors of Woman’s Day tells the whole truth about the “scandalous” subject of the wardrobe, which now says the whole world is Muslim burqini.

In Europe, decided to ban wearing a burkini – swimming costume for Muslim women. The ban is already supported on the Cote d’azur and in Spain.

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The governments of France and Spain opposed to on the beaches and even in water parks women appeared in swimsuits-the burqini. It is reported that this ban was imposed for security purposes. However, for women who profess Islam, this kind of clothes was the only option to stay on the beach and swimming. This news caused a wave of indignation not only among the women of the Arab world, but leaders of the fashion industry. The fact that the burkini is not only an important part of the culture of Islamic people, but really a beautiful piece of Muslim wardrobe.

By the way, a few years ago such thing as a burqini, did not exist. It was invented by an Australian of Lebanese descent Ahed Zanetti. The majority of Muslim women wear as a beach wear your normal clothes – trousers, tunics and shawls. Burqini in turn became a special outfit for a holiday by the water, which is easy to sunbathe and swim. And it looks much more stylish than the standard black hijab.

Burqini is made from polyester, and therefore dry quickly and block UV rays. For girls of the Islamic world, which most of my life wearing the dresses to the floor, this is a great chance to get your dose of vitamin D and to get a tan.

As for the design, it is very diverse. Designers burqini show less creativity and imagination than the brands that produce conventional swimwear. This files most often on the basis of the classic black hijab decorated with floral or Oriental patterns. The main difference from the burkini hijab silhouette: suit for the beach has a more slinky style, which gives more freedom during sports and swimming.

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