Brother Meghan Markle can ruin her future misconduct

Брат Меган Маркл может испортить ей будущие неправомерными действиями

Many girls at a very young age dreamed of marrying a Prince. In theory it can fulfill each of us but in practice is not so simple. A potential new member of the Royal family is the casting check, which is subject to only, for example, the future wife of the Prince, but her family and friends.

The Western media are concerned about the future of the actress Meghan Markle.

For several months she is in a relationship with Prince Harry. Sources say that this novel is quite serious, and even has the potential to end with a wedding. To prevent Megan become a member of the British Royal family and the brother of actress. And all because of the outrageous antics that he became.

Half-brother of the beloved Prince by father Thomas MarkleJr (50) was arrested after a drunken quarrel, in which you put a gun to the head of his girlfriend. As reported by Daily Mail, it happened on January 12 in the city of grants Pass in the state of Oregon in USA. The police called the victim: she fled from her attacker and locked himself in the bathroom. Thomas was taken to the station, but the morning was released on bail of 1,5 thousand dollars.

Note that with the half-brother of Megan relationship is not supported.

Says ex-wife of Thomas Tracy, most likely, the reason the addiction of men to alcohol:At Thomas’s long time problems with alcohol, I hope this situation will help him realize that he needed help. Because he wanted to hurt Megan, he is very proud of it.”