Брат Алексея Баталова рассказал о тяжелом состоянии племянницы Litigation over land in the summer cottage, which the family of the deceased actor leads with a neighbor, not just complicate the lives of the widow and daughter of Alexei Vladimirovich, and also had a negative impact on their health. According to half-brother, actor, 50-year-old Maria A. very bad feeling.
Брат Алексея Баталова рассказал о тяжелом состоянии племянницы

Alexei Batalov became little more than a year ago. The last months of the life of national artist was marred not only by health problems – he could not walk because he hurt his leg. A piece of the suburban area, where the neighbor built a cottage, not allowed to sleep family Batalov. Although the court ordered Vadim Elgart demolish the building and reclaim the land, this still has not happened.

The widow of Gitana Batalova A. and his younger daughter Maria hard to survive this protracted conflict.

Brother of the artist Mikhail Ardov regularly visits relatives, so confidently says Batalov now live very hard. Due to the constant stress of Gitana A. A. was worse to feel, and 50-year-old Maria, whose cerebral palsy, almost ceased to speak.

“I visit the family of brother regularly. His wife does not feel well, but I try not to complain about their problems. But with the daughter Mary very bad things: she barely speaks. But Mary is a talented, smart, wrote many tales, poems,” – said Mikhail Ardov, the half-brother of Aleksey Batalov.
Брат Алексея Баталова рассказал о тяжелом состоянии племянницы

Michael added that the Gitana Arkadyevna help on the farm hired workers, and sometimes comes Batalov eldest daughter by his first wife Irina Oral – 68-year-old Nadezhda.

Mikhail Ardov and Alexei Batalov – brothers mother. Despite the fact that fathers are different, they have been brought up in the same house. There were three brothers – Alex, Mikhail and Boris, the youngest, died in 2004. Unlike the brothers Mikhail Viktorovich Ardov not go into a creative profession but have chosen a different path, became a priest. The Archpriest is 80 years old, he continues his service, he lives alone with his wife. Sometimes Mikhail Viktorovich openly pining for deceased relatives.

“Very sad at heart because neither Boris nor Alexei next, I was alone… When I last saw his older brother, he had a very pale face, I realized that there’s not much left to him. But still I’m still difficult to realize that it is not. Alas, he was no longer young, 88 years old, long was ill. But when you start to think about it, immediately appears nostalgic for the days when we all lived together when they were alive my parents…,” says Mikhail Ardov.

To visit on the anniversary of the death of brother Michael Ardov failed. “The anniversary of the death of Alex I couldn’t meet his family because of worship, I prayed for the repose of his soul” – quoted by Archpriest sobesednik.ru