Ксения Собчак продемонстрировала кольцо по цене элитной квартиры For anybody not a secret: star earns well and can afford to buy whatever I want. Recently Ksenia Sobchak showed fans expensive jewelry is a rare gem.
Ксения Собчак продемонстрировала кольцо по цене элитной квартиры

A little more than two years ago, Ksenia Sobchak first became a mother. Despite the fact that celebrity is not experiencing financial difficulties, she did not linger in the decree and shortly after the birth of an heir came to work. And Sobchak as if inadvertently, demonstrated in the social network elegant ring with large blue stone.

As it turned out, this stone is very rare, is called Paraiba tourmaline. Accordingly, it is not cheap, therefore the price of jewelry Sobchak starts from 50 thousand rubles.

The “photo “Hand Actresses”, — Sobchak modestly commented on a picture, which shows a ring and a ticket to the show in a Large theatre.
Ксения Собчак продемонстрировала кольцо по цене элитной квартиры

Some netizens considered: the famous mom just shows off expensive jewelry, while others doubted that Sobchak wore to the theater the authentic ring for which you can buy a good apartment in the city center.

We will remind, more recently, Ksenia was fueled rumors about her pregnancy. Many were convinced that the chief editor of the periodical will soon become a mother for the second time. The fact that Sobchak is in an interesting position was confirmed by the wife of musician Dino MC Mishan Mishina, once appeared on the same stage with Xenia.

Colleague Ksenia Sobchak confirmed her pregnancy

However, judging by how Sobchak exposes himself for the sake of orderliness, we can assume: a celebrity simply put on a few extra pounds, that’s why she prefers loose clothes. The other day she did the procedure in cryo, and later told me that drink a day not more than 1000 kcal. Soon Sobchak planned vacation and, apparently, she and her family going to the sea, where she needs to be in good physical shape to swimsuit gorgeous sat.

“Just a teeny little bit, and can take swimwear and not go sad in the suit of the diver on the beach,” a young mother hinted: at this time, her figure is far from ideal.