Бритни Спирс снова оконфузилась
36-year-old singer showed on stage much more than she wanted.

Britney Spears

Photo: Instagram.com

Britney Spears decidedly unlucky. The other day she was again in a very awkward situation.
When 36-year-old Britney appeared on stage, the singer brought her stage costume, she accidentally
the room showed that part of the body, which is considered to cover the clothes. Worse
also, a video recorded by one of the spectators in the hall were caught in a net. And now all
you can admire her embarrassment…

the incident occurred during the show, Spears in the town of Oxon Hill, located in
Maryland. Spears arrived in the framework of its concert tour Piece of Me. Spears appeared on stage in a rather
risky suit, the top of which was a leather “bra”. And
that’s when Britney, who always dances energetically during his
views, did another PA, her Breasts slipped out on universal
display. Unfortunately, neither the singer nor her dancers did not notice at first,
what happened. And a few minutes later, Spears appeared on stage like this. However, when she discovered the problem, Britney calmly corrected
the costume and continued the show. After learning about the incident, she hastened to comfort to support a young
lover singer — Sam Asgari, who was unable to go with her on tour and stayed at home. He posted on his page a photo of Britney and
signed: “this is the real Superwoman!”

a similar story happens with Spears is not the first time. So, in
2016 she showed on stage much more than wanted during a speech in
Las Vegas. Since such embarrassments had happened to her yet, at least, a couple of times.
For example, in November last year, Britney has happened the same trouble — also during the concert in Vegas. And if at first the singer was embarrassed and, in interviews, apologized for the incidents, but now she seems to have resigned
that costumes can not withstand its rapid dances …

at Spears there are more serious reasons for experience. Indeed, in the current
time with her is suing her ex-husband Kevin Federline, which requires it to increase
three times the amount the singer paid to their total sons — Sean and Jayden.