Светлана Лобода раскрыла секрет необычного имени младшей дочери
The singer told how he called little girl.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda in the second time became a mother almost two months ago. All this time the singer was hiding from fans, what name was given to his newborn daughter — I didn’t want unnecessary fuss about it. But the time of secrets about the birth of the baby seems to have ended.

“My youngest daughter’s name is Tilde!” — announced Loboda.

This is a fairly common name in Germany, so the fans are now sure: the star gave birth to daughter it was from the Rammstein frontman till Lindemann. Otherwise, why she would choose such a name?

Meanwhile, news of malangwa Tilde came to the German press. As told Natella Krapivina, a friend and producer Loboda, Lindemann saw the headlines about pregnancy Svetlana. He soon wrote Loboda message with the following text: “you and global success!”

Other secrets Natella did not disclose. Loboda, in the words of a friend, carefully protected private life from other interventions. “I respect the personal space of Svetlana and don’t ask her too many questions. Know that the Light is in a relationship, but I can’t comment on anything because it’s her territory. I never go there. First, it’s easier for me. Second, the story of Till too beautiful in itself,” — said Krapivin.

Something about till Quinoa is still told in an interview with “Hello”, though never directly admitted that he was the father of her youngest daughter.