Бритни подала в суд на жителя Омска за домогательства

Hollywood celebrity requests compensation for moral damages of three million dollars.

The reason for the scandal Amateur video of the inhabitant of Omsk Mikhail Matvienko, which he posted to the network in 2015. In the short video titled “Comrade” the man rudely spoken out about Britney Spears.

“In the film the main characters are vulgar and obscene dialogue about who they would like to rape me or Katy Perry,” said the official statement from Britney Spears.

This was originally the artist wanted to resolve the conflict peacefully. Some time ago, the celebrity lawyer sent a letter to Matviyenko with a request to remove the film from the network, but he refused and insult.

Currently, as reported by Ural publishing Sign., the statement Britney Spears on Russian Director Mikhail Matvienko is located in Sovetsky district court of the city.

As American pop diva managed to find a video Matvienko, where passing reference to her name, is unknown. But now she has all chances to sue the men a large amount and give a lesson to other Directors of this genre.

Let’s see what happens!

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