Новый проект Матвиенко называют российским N’SYNC

The group “Catch” has released a music video as American boy-bands.

We already wrote about the fact that Igor Matvienko has created a young analogue of “Ivanushki-International”. Still, Kirill Andreev and Andrey Grigoriev-Apollonova, despite the national love, the crowd of young Schoolgirls in halls no longer entice. New times, new ideals of beauty and fashion. Here was born in the producer’s idea to create a team akin to the American malchikova bands. Thus was born the group “the Catch”, which recently released the first video for the song “ride it”.

In the video, all as it should be: three young beauties for every taste: romantic brown hair, cheerful, blond and brutal dark-haired, with a neatly trimmed beard. Sing lyrical voices to the youth fashionable rhythm that Timberlake himself would have envied, read rap, dance. In the frame She glimpsed the object of this Serenade. Sure, a lot of girls will be satisfied with this arrangement and visuals.

Recall, guys are meeting in 2015 on the project “Main stage” and were finalists of the show. “Our story is simple: three guys from different cities came to conquer Moscow and decided to take part in a new TV contest – tell us about yourself soloists “CATCH”. — We were all from different producers and at some stage took off, but Igor decided to give us a chance and joined in the boy band. And what came of it? We have reached the final! On the project we had a lot of experience and a wonderful mentor in the person of Igor Matvienko. What are we? Different! Always plus and minus attract each other, we complement each other”.

Itself Matvienko in the future of his new team is confident. “I have experience with two boys-bands “Ivanushki International” and “Roots,” I know what it is, ” says the producer Igor Matvienko. — Everything takes time. And the success of the group will depend on the work of our team, and from the children themselves”.

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