British singer Pete burns has died after 300 plastic surgeries

Британский певец Пит Бернс скончался после 300 пластических операций

The desire to bring them closer to perfection can cost human life.

The once popular British musician Pete burns 23rd of October, died of a heart attack. Singer ex-lead singer of Dead or Alive was only 57 years old.

The message about the death appeared on his Twitter page from his management.

Note that the reason for a heart attack could become the countless operations that Pete spent on their appearance. Dozens of surgical interventions (all under General anesthesia), probably undermined the health of the singer.

In the past year as a result of a failed surgical intervention in their appearance, the musician almost died and then sued the doctor 450,000 pounds.

“I hope when I’m 80 and I die, God in heaven just doesn’t recognize me”, joked burns. It is as though terrible it may sound, but I guess that’s exactly what happened. Burns the last few years was referred to as the “Frankenstein of show business”.

We will remind, singer and songwriter Pete burns has become known for its single “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” in 1985, the world has sold over 500 thousand copies, and the song became the Golden. In December of this year should have been released new album “Dead or Alive”. It was expected that burns will present it on October 28. Now the album will be posthumous.