The Director of “the Hobbit” launches a new fantasy project on the revived cities

Режиссер «Хоббита» запускает новый фэнтези-проект об оживших городах

In the world cinema Peter Jackson became famous through his work on the adaptation of the novels of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “the Lord of the rings” and “Hobbit”.

Now the new Zealand filmmaker begins a new creative path, which will be based on the novels of the British writer and Illustrator Philip Reeve.

Jackson taken during the filming of a cycle of novels “the death machine” (also known as “Hell’s design”).

The job of turning the first book of the series in the scenario Peter has already started. Co-author of the script is the wife of Director Francis Walsh and his long-time friend and colleague Philippa Boyens (“the Lovely bones”).

It is noteworthy that in this project, Peter Jackson is not acting in the role of Director. This mission he entrusted to his longtime protege, Oscar-winner Christian Rivers (“king Kong”), who for 25 years worked with him in the field of visual effects. Note that for rivers it will be a film debut.

Story quadrilogy “Mortal machines” takes place in the future.

A huge metropolis, like London or new York become the moving mechanisms, which are designed to absorb small cities, seize their resources.

This story we will be shown through teenagers Tom and Ester that explore this strange world and experience many adventures on Board the London, and outside of it.

Shooting will begin in the spring of 2017 in New Zealand, home of Peter Jackson.