Невеста Ильи Яббарова потеряла ребенка The man told a sad news. Some time ago, former participant of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov announced that is preparing to become a father. However, as journalists found out, plans star telestroke never materialized.
Невеста Ильи Яббарова потеряла ребенка

In early July, former participant of “House-2” Ilya Yabbarov intrigued fans of unexpected news. The man reported that soon will become a father. Initially, users of social networks have come to the conclusion that the reality star decided to play them. However, after some time during conversation with journalists Yabbarov confirmed that indeed preparing for the joyful event.

Recently, Ilya has shared with the public the sad event. As it turned out, lover of men, with which he plans to get married, lost the baby. Lovers can not recover after the heavy loss. Apparently, Yabbarov and his other half decided to resort to IVF, but the procedure was not successful.

“The doctor warned that the embryo does not survive and prescribed special medication. Three weeks later, favorite feel bad. It turned out that the embryo did not stick. My girlfriend is really sensitive about this,” says the man.

Social media users expressed sympathy for Ilya and his bride. “Sorry”, “it happens. Still ahead,” wrote those who wanted to support Jabbarova.

Recall that a former member of telestroke first placed in the microblog photo of the pregnancy test. In the caption to frame Illya thanked the second half and noted that his results were a surprise for him. “What can I say. “Favorite”, thank you. Did not expect that so fast. Two hearts joined together!” – shared the star of the reality show.

A few weeks ago, reporters contacted by Habarovym to know the details of the joyous event. He stated that he is very happy to be a father. However, as then said Ilya, the fruit was very weak, so his beloved prescribed medications. By the way, my future daughter male would be called Milana, and the name of the son must think of his bride.

Despite the tragic news, Yabbarov and his fiancee do not lose hope to get pregnant. In addition, the loving couple shared some details of a future wedding. According to Elias, they are not going to organize a magnificent celebration. “Just going to the courthouse, and then fly away to rest. Perhaps this year”, – quotes the ex-reality show participant account of the magazine “Dom-2” on Instagram.