Данко обвиняет жену в измене Much to the surprise of his fans, the singer decided to make an unexpected statement. Danko suddenly has doubts in fidelity of the spouse Natalia Ustymenko. The actor and his fiancee will be tested on the lie detector in the air the new show “really”.
Данко обвиняет жену в измене

Three years ago, the family of the singer Danko and his civil wife Natalia was born Ustymenko charming agate. The girl was born with special needs. Doctors diagnosed the child with cerebral palsy. Despite the terrible words of medical specialists, the artist with his wife did not give up and found the strength to raise a successor. The contractor has repeatedly said that doted in agate.

Recently, however, Danko surprised fans with an unexpected statement. The star has doubted the loyalty of the second half. The actor accused his wife Natalia of treason and demanded to do a paternity test. In the opinion of the contractor, a natural parent of Agatha can be a mysterious Swiss millionaire, with whom the woman once had an affair.

To understand the confusing situation to be a TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. All the secrets of the family, Danko will open in the program “actually”, which will show on the First channel on Tuesday, July 25. In order to understand how truthful the statements of Natalia, involves a lie detector. Shepelev also acquaint the singer and his beloved with the results of the paternity test.

We will remind that on Monday premiered a new show “really”. The pilot episode of the TV show touched upon the subject of relations of the actor Alexei Panin and his ex-wife Julia Yudintseva. Ex-spouses are unable to reach a compromise and continue to fight for custody of her daughter by the NUS. Famous actor claims that a woman set up a successor against him, while she accuses a star in immoral behavior.

Expert polygraph tested how truthful their answers, focusing on the testimony of the polygraph, and also taking into account gestures and facial expressions of the characters. In the final program of the girl herself appeared at the Studio and intends to stay with his father. “Mom, I don’t mind to chat with you, but you can’t hear me. I want to live with dad,” said the NUS.

Ex-wife Panina sent their daughter to “hell”

Earlier Dmitry Shepelev said that will share their personal experiences with the heroes of the new program of the First channel. “A lie can break a person’s life, destroy his career, his family, his future. For a long time I lie covered, I know how hard it is to live with it. In this program, I want to help other people to hear each other, discover the truth and find out what happens with them actually,” – said the presenter.