Невеста Ильи Глинникова довела себя до анорексии Recent photographs of the girls bothering the fans. In the pictures the winner of the show “the Bachelor” looks exhausted. Followers do not understand how their favorite has managed to ishidate in the short term, because until recently it was pleasing curvaceous.

At the relationship of the actor Elijah Glinnikov and his bride Catherine in the truck watching the whole country. Fans are happy that the couple spends a lot of time together and their feelings for each other have cooled after the project “the Bachelor.” Recently, however, the appearance of the darling of the stars are very concerned about the fans. According to them, Nikulina brought herself to anorexia.

Such statements began to appear after posted by Catherine photos in which she looks exhausted. Most followers do not scare slender legs lady Glinnikov, and the fact that she lost weight very quickly. Now, fans are seriously worried about her health. “Wow you’re so skinny, get well soon”, “are you alright, Kate?”, “Get well soon. Look scary” – comment on pictures members girls.

Not so long ago the darling of Hlinikova has fueled speculation about the completed engagement, laying out in his blog a photo of a ring with a gemstone. Some fans think that Nikulin is preparing for the wedding, and therefore lost weight. Such statements Catherine no comment.

The famous actor and his girlfriend moved in when the project “the Bachelor” is not over. Recognized as the star of “Interns”, he immediately sensed that the girl he is perfect. Not long ago, Elijah and Catherine had a trip to Mauritius, where they shared romantic photos. The man even entrusted the beloved of control of the helicopter, though, and I knew that very risk. Glinnikov and Nikulin are looking for privacy on a remote island

Ilya prefers not to advertise the relationship with Kate. However, the last time the young man became increasingly posting photos with the bride. The recent picture he accompanied with a warm review: “My air”.

Earlier, the star of “Interns” admitted that felt in Catherine’s native soul. Now the lovers are almost never part with each other, discuss the literature and watch movies. The actor and his fiancee dream of a white wedding in Georgia, in the historic homeland of the actor.