Алсу рассказала об изменах и ссорах в семье
Singer “opened the heart” fans.

Alsu and Yan Abramov

Photo: @alsou_a (Instagram Alsu)

Alsu recently moved with his fans on a new level of communication: now once in a while she will answer the most frequently asked questions from fans. The first topic was relationship problems with her husband. The singer honestly admitted that he is not quite ready to give advice in this area, as she is just learning to build relationships with husband Yan Abramov.

The singer said that in her house quarrel — a rare phenomenon. This is because she is able to listen to her husband. “Look at his mood after work. Maybe we should ask about the case, maybe it is better to be silent and not bother with questions. On the contrary, do get a massage, send in the tub and not to pull once again. In General, you need to constantly balance us, girls. And then, after some time the man even begins to notice and appreciate. Of course, out loud he wouldn’t admit it, but the behavior and actions of our husbands we’ll already all know!” — tells Alsu.

The singer also touched upon the topic of cheating. Alsou tries in family life, not to give vent to his distrust. However, it believes that the husband still need to check, but it is worth doing so that he noticed nothing. “You know, we have such a “violent” and rich imagination. That is, nepridumal yourself so much that you no longer remember where it all came from — surprised Alsu. — And finally, it is sometimes very, very wrong. But by this time we were tormented, tortured friends, well, of course, managed to bring her husband and at the same time to fight! Trust but verify as something on the sly! And make a noise only when there is a real reason!”

Recall that this year Alsu with her husband, said steel wedding. In 11 years of marriage the couple had three children: Safina, Mikella and Raphael. The singer has not yet presented to the public his son that soon it will be one year. The singer has published in social networks during this time no pictures of Raphael.